• Why do you need car insurance?

        Car insurance is needed by the law to ensure the safety of public. If an accident happens, the auto liability coverage included in the car insurance helps you to pay for the property damage and medical bills. It also protects you against any legal fees if taken to the court due to accident.


        To better explain you its importance, here are 4 major reasons why you need car insurance:


    1). To complies with Law:

        This is one of the most important reasons to have your vehicle insured. As it is mandatory by law, so driving without insurance is considered as an illegal activity and you would be fined for it.


    2). To protect your finances:

        As explained earlier, car insurance protects you against any costs incurred in case of an accident. These may include legal charges, injured person’s medical expenses or any other costs involved in the event.


    3). To protect your Vehicle:

        This one is no secret at all. Car insurance helps your vehicle to be protected against both collision coverage as well as comprehensive charges. All the repairs or replacement is covered if the vehicle gets stolen or damaged in case of an accident.


    4). To protect Yourself:

        Some people won’t believe this, however a car insurance also acts as a life insurance and helps you to be protected against any injury due to an accident.


    It’s obvious by now that car insurance is a must if you own a vehicle.


    What’s the best place to get Car Insurance?

    Contact Success Key Financial. It is one of the top car insurance companies in Delhi NCR (Nariana). It offers some exclusive deals which make your car insurance even more beneficial like free roadside assistance.


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  • 4 Benefits of Selling your Car to a Dealer

        Selling your car is always a lot of work. Finding the interested party, getting the best deal, documentation; there is so much to do here. Sometimes, it takes more time than we you actually thought about.


        However, you can facilitate this whole process by this useful tip. You can sell your car easily with the help of a dealer. Wants to know how?


        Great! Here are 4 major benefits you can get if you sell your car to a dealer:


    1). Hassle-Free Service:

        Selling a car on your own is always a great hassle. However, if you sell your car with dealer, all the selling process is handled by the dealer alone. You won’t have to do anything. A dealer will find the best deal on your car according to the market and make your day.


    2). Time-Saving:

        This one is no secret. Selling a car manually requires a lot of time as you try to find suitable deal. It can take a few days, weeks, or sometimes even months. However, a dealer helps you here by making this process fast and secure for you.


    3). Same-Day Payment:

        This is where the dealers shine the most. They don’t delay when it comes to payment. They do pure business. When you sell your car to a dealer, you get the cash for it on the same day. This would be most helpful for those who are currently in a financial crisis and need immediate attention.


    4). Easy Documentation:

        Documentation is always the most important in any transaction. When it comes to the ownership of a vehicle, it is generally a time-consuming and hassle process. However, a dealer makes this process easy and faster. The dealer will handle all the documentation work for you which can save you a lot of time.


        Now, we know that selling a car to a dealer is actually a good idea and serves us a lot of benefits which we don’t get otherwise. But the questions arises, “Who’s the best car/vehicle dealer?”


    Contact Success Key Financial.

        It is one of the top car dealers in Delhi NCR (Nariana). It can provide some of the best deals for your car as compared to the rest of the market.


        So what’re you waiting for? Grab yourself a great deal for your car and sell your car in an instant. Click HERE to start the process. For any enquiry, you can also call us on 011 - 4903 - 2519 or +91 9871 877 690.

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  • How To Buy Your First Car

        A car is one of the most important assets for a family. It is, literally, a convenient way of travel. Purchasing your first car is like a dream come true for many of us. We always take steps carefully.  However, do you know how to purchase a car and save money? That’s right.


        Here are 3 useful steps which can help in purchasing your dream car more efficiently:


    1). Determine How Much You Can Pay:

        The first step is to calculate how much you can afford by determining how much you are willing to pay. This is one of the most important steps as this serves as the base for your future car. It is always good to select a car which you can easily pay off. Once you set an amount to pay, you can then select your car from multiple choices in that range.


    2). Get Car Finance:

        If you really want to save money, this is the step you don’t want to miss upon. Once you select a car, the next step is to get Car finance from one of the top car loan provider in Delhi. This will give you a lot of benefits and some exclusive deals which you won’t get otherwise. More importantly, you will need to pay only a part of total amount and the car is yours. Easy documentation and hassle free process always makes this the most feasible option.


    3). Burn the Rubber:

        Once documentation is done, the final step is to get a license plate for your car as per the traffic rules of the country. If you want any additional accessory, you can purchase it from the car dealer itself, or you can buy them later from any accessory shop in the market. After all this, it is now time to finally put your foot on the paddle and drive home your dream car.


        By following the above steps, you can easily get a more attractive deal and save a lot of money. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments section below.


    If you want to finance your next car and grab yourself an amazing deal, contact us now by clicking HERE. You can also call us on 011 - 4903 - 2519 or +91 9871 877 690.

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  • Benefits of Car Finance


        Nowadays, a four wheeler vehicle, most likely a car, has become one of the most important assets for a family. It is a convenient of travel for the whole family. However, the continuous rise in cost of production of vehicles has resulted in higher prices for consumers. This makes it difficult to purchase a car of our choice for most of us. That’s not the case if you finance your car purchase.


        Car finance refers to car loan which allows you to purchase your dream car on monthly installments. You just have to pay a one-time part payment as down payment and rest of the amount in monthly installments as per your convenience.


        To explain this better, here are 5 major benefits of car finance:


    1). Tenure’ Flexibility:

        If you finance your car, you have the freedom to choose the tenure period. Banks offer car loans for upto 7 years of time period which gives you flexibility to choose tenure as per your convenience.


    2). Used-Car Loans:

        Times have changed. Now, most of the banks give you finance even on used-cars. If you want to learn driving or if it’s your first purchase, a used-car is the most sensible option.


    3). Low Interest Rates:

        One of the most exciting benefits of car finance is that you can actually negotiate interest rate if you have a good credit score overall.


    4).Payment Mode’ Flexibility:

        With car finance, there is no one fixed payment method to stick to. You can pay monthly installments with a paper cheque, cash or even use the auto-debit feature of your bank account to make yourself consent-free for the payments.


    5). No Collateral:

        To avail the car finance and get your dream car, you don’t really have to put any collateral. Your purchased car, itself, will act as a security with the bank and in case of non-payments, bank can seize and sell your car to clear your debt.


        Now, we know that there are some exciting benefits of financing a car. But most of us may wonder what the best place to get car finance is. We suggest contacting Success Key Financial.


    Why Success Key Financial?


        Success Key Financial is one of the top car financing agency in Delhi NCR (Nariana). We have tie up with most of the banks and provide some of the best finance deals in the market. If you want to purchase your dream car without any hassle, contact us now by clicking HERE.

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  • Much Safer Indian Cars Coming Soon

        India is a country where accidents happen every day. According to a report, over 1,37,000 people were killed in road accidents in 2013. That number is more than the number of people killed in all wars combined. “16 children die daily on Indian roads,” proved a survey.

    Car Accident


        Despite the high number of road accidents, road safety measures in vehicles of India don’t meet global standards. The government even mandated all new car launches from October 2017 with dual airbags. But it still didn’t remedy the situation.


        To cope with this, India has finally taken a step and will soon have the most strict car safety norms by 2023.


        “Advanced safety features in all vehicles in India cannot be limited to only luxury vehicles. Anti-lock braking feature have already been mandated in two-wheelers and by next month (October 2018), all new cars will have pedestrian safety feature including new design of bonnet to reduce impact on pedestrians during accidents,” said Abhay Damle, Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.


    vehicle_safety_air_bags    “We are implementing all safety features with active support of vehicle manufactures. Autonomous Emergency Braking and Electric Stability Control will be incorporated in new vehicles by 2023,” he added.


        He also stated that “By the year 2022, most of our vehicle safety features will be at par with global standards. Some safety features may even surpass US safety standards.”


        This is a huge step from the government as we can finally be lead to a safer future. However, our participation is also a must to fully support safety standards. One of the ways is to get car insurance and keep your life safe and secure.


        Car insurance provides financial protection against any road accident with your car. It is one of the most important things to do if we own a vehicle.


    What’s the best place to get Car Insurance?


        Success Key Financial is one of the top car insurance companies in Delhi NCR (Nariana). We have great discounts and several benefits with car insurance that you will feel safe and secure.


        You can easily contact us by clicking HERE. We are here to help you 24*7.

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  • 3 Benefits of Buying Car Insurance | Success Key Financial

        In today’s fast-moving word, accidents can happen at any time and at any place. Nobody can predict such unforeseen events. However, one can surely protect himself/herself from any financial loss in these events through Insurance.


        Insurance is a means to protect oneself from any type of financial loss during such events. Similarly, car insurance is an insurance which covers cars, trucks, motorcycles and other road vehicles.


        Its primary use is to hedge against any physical damage or injury resulting from traffic collision and liabilities arise due to such events. It is one of the most important things to get whenever we purchase a vehicle.


        Let’s just discuss 3 major benefits which you can get if you purchase car insurance from Success Key Financial:


    1). Less Costly:

       less costly One of the main benefits of purchasing can insurance from Success Key Financial is that it is much less costly as compared to other insurance companies.


        We have different insurance packages at best prices. We also offer free Roadside Assistance.


    2). Discounts and Offers:

        DealsAt Success Key Financial, you will always find various discounts and exclusive car insurance offers running.  It benefits you by giving some of the industry defining exclusive deals to grab and enjoy a safest and enjoyable life.


    3). User-Friendly:

        User FriendlySuccess Key Financial values your expectations and wishes and tries to fulfill it always. We provide you different car insurance deals to choose from according to your needs.


        We do not impose anything. Rather, we believe in treating our customers as friends and give them freedom to decide which deal they would like to get.


        By now, we all know that there are multiple benefits if you choose to purchase car insurance from Success Key Financial.



    Why to trust us?


        Success Key Financial is one of the top car insurance companies in Delhi NCR (Nariana). We value your expectations, provide you different options to choose from, and make the process simpler and secure.


    You can easily contact us by clicking HERE for more information. You can also call on  011 - 4903 - 2519 or +91 9871 877 690.

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  • Uber Shortlisted India For Flying Taxi Service

        Have you ever dreamt of traveling in a flying car?


        A couple of decades ago, it was thought to be impossible in reality. However, technology has significantly improved over the time and things which weren’t seemed possible is very much possible now. We have already discussed the future of electric cars in India in the upcoming months. But it seems we are not far from a future where we would see flying cars in the sky of India.


        Uber Technologies Inc., most commonly known as Uber, wants to build an air city which will serve flying taxies. It has shortlisted India for one its international destinations of Air city. The company is well known for its taxi service, especially in USA and India.

    Uber Air Taxi


        Uber recently discussed during a press release, “Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are some of the most congested cities in the world, where traveling even a few kilometers can take over an hour. Uber Air offers tremendous potential to help create a transportation option that goes over congestion, instead of adding to it.”


        On 30th August 2018, the company also said that it has shortlisted India along with USA, Japan, Australia, France and Brazil and plans to launch this air taxi service by 2023 in at least one of these international destinations.


        India is considered to be a public favorite due to its traffic congestion where 10-15 kilometers can take an hour. This step of future is huge and it shows that in the upcoming decade, our dream of traveling in flying cars would become reality.


        What do you think about these flying taxi services? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


        Do you know about the new Car Insurance Policy by Supreme Court? Click HERE to read the full news.


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  • "I Can Sell Petrol, Diesel At Rs 35-40 Per Litre," Says Baba Ramdev

        The National Capital, Delhi, has got no relief when it comes to the increasing prices of both petrol and diesel. From the past couple of months, prices of these fuels have increased significantly.


        While it seems that we are likely to suffer with this, there is someone who has taken a stand and spoken against this. We are talking about the great yogi, Baba Ramdev. Baba Ramdev is well known for his yoga and his brand “Patanjali.”


        During a recent interview, Baba Ramdev said : “If the government lets me and give some relief in tax, I can give petrol, diesel to India at just Rs. 35-40/litre.” He then called to bring both petrol and diesel under the lowest slab of GST (Goods and Services Tax) instead of the current highest 28 percent. “People’ pockets are being emptied,” said the yoga guru.

    Baba Ramdev


    Baba Ramdev was a huge supporter of Narendra Modi since 2014, however it seems that he is distancing himself from the BJP. He mentioned, “I have withdrawn myself politically. I am with all parties and I am with no party.”


        This is huge as Baba Ramdev has taken stand against this price hike of fuels.


        Meanwhile, the petrol price in Delhi has hit the highest Rs. 82.06/litre and diesel has reached Rs. 73.78/litre.


        What do you think about all this? Are you a supporter of Baba Ramdev in this regards? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


        If you’re looking to get finance for you dream car, contact Success Key Financial. It is one the top loan agency in Delhi NCR.  You can check its offers by clicking HERE.

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  • Petrol & Diesel Prices Update | Delhi Suffers

        Petrol and diesel prices are substantially increasing day by day in the country. The capital, Delhi, has seen another huge hike in their prices recently.


        PetrolIn Delhi, the price of petrol has touched a peak of Rs.81/- per litre and diesel price has been raised upto Rs.73.08/- per litre.  As compared to Delhi, the prices of petrol and diesel in Mumbai has been raised upto Rs. 88.39/- per litre and Rs. 77.58/- Per litre respectively.


        This is mind boggling for consumers as it has drastically impacted their monthly budget. The government and opposition are fighting with each other while the genneral public is suffering. In September 1998, the price of petrol was just Rs. 23.94/- per litre in Delhi. Compared to that time, there is an increase of 23 percent in its prices in 20 years.


        The value of Rupee has been an important factor in this increase in fuel prices as the value of Rupee continues to depriciate against US Dollar. On September 11, it touched a low value of Rs. 72.80/-. This is the lowest value of Rupee against US Dollar ever.


    When will the prices come down?


        As per the reports, it is unlikely that the prices of these fuels will come back down significantly any time soon. Madan Sabnavis, chief economist at CARE says, "Petrol and Diesel prices will not come down until and unless the Central or State government decide to cut taxes." 


        As consumers, we can just hope and wait for the government takes any serious step to cut down its prices. What do you think about all this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Trial of Electric Vehicles on Roads Next Month : Suzuki Motor Corp

         It is no secret that India is covered with a layer of air pollution, especially in its metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. This is one of the major causes of health related diseases and illness these days.


        To counter this and to lead a healthy environment, many leading car manufacturers has already planned to launch electric vehicles worldwide. However, there is a company that wants to kick-start this electric vehicle revolution sooner.


        We are talking about the famous Japanese auto-manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation.


        On September 7th, 2018, Suzuki Motor Corp. said that is has planned to start road-testing its electric vehicles in India by next month as a precursor to launch electric vehicles in India by 2020.


        “I am pleased to announce today that we will start road-testing of our electric vehicles’ prototypes in India from next month, in order to develop safe and easy-to-use electric vehicles  for Indian customers,” Osama Suzuki said at the Global Mobility Summit “Move”.


     Suzuki toyota collaboration   He also mentioned that the company has decided to launch EV revolution in India by 2020 in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation.


        It is obvious that this plan is rather not possible without sufficient charging stations or infrastructure development.


        “In this regard, we look forward for support of the government in terms of policy formulation and leadership,” he added.


        According to a recent report, it is estimated that around 30% of population will be using electric vehicles by 2030. It means that 70% of population will still be using non-electric vehicles.


        “In order to answer the need of better life-style and meet expectations of Indian people or customers, as well as resolving environmental challenges at the same time, I think it would be essential to promote not only electric vehicles but also hybrid and CNG vehicles too,” he noted.


        Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid ModelThis is a huge and essential step in making the country pollution free.


         However, any car manufacturer won’t be successful alone. They need our support in this revolution. We should come together and boycott petrol or diesel vehicles and replace them with an electric or hybrid vehicle by 2020 for a healthier and better life-style.



    What do you think about all this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below

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  • Electric Car: No Road Tax


         Nowadays, a car is a must for every family. Introduced first in 1885/1886 by Karl Benz, it has been accepted as the most convenient way to travel from one place to another. It has been considered some of the most important inventions of all time.


    Air Pollution

         According to a recent report, the consumption of car has been increased significantly by 40% in the last five years. However, this increase is also responsible for one major issue throughout the world.


         The fuel consumption of these vehicles leads to the emission of air pollution and greenhouse gases. This is increasing global warming at an alarming rate.


         To solve this big issue, many companies have taken a step forward and introduced Electric Cars in the market.


    What exactly is an Electric Car?


         An Electric Car refers to any car that runs by one or more electric motors, using rechargeable batteries. These electric cars are eco-friendly and don’t contribute to air pollution. To charge an electric car, several charging stations are also introduced worldwide where one can park their car and charge it.


    What’s the news?


         Recently, the Delhi government has planned to introduce several measures to promote electric vehicles in the market. One such measure is the Exemption of Road Tax of up to 100% on the replacement of an old petrol/diesel/CNG vehicle with a new electric vehicle.


        The State Transport Minister has said that “Major incentives will be given for buying electric vehicles.” This means that we can get up to 100% exemption of road tax if we purchase a new electric vehicle with this policy. How much that would be?

    Electric Cars in India

          Let’s suppose, you purchase a vehicle of 10 lakhs. Road tax currently stands at 7%, that would be Rs.70,000/-. With this new electric policy, you will be able to save this Rs.70,000/- on every electric vehicle purchase or replacement.


         The government’s electric vehicle is now completely ready and will soon be implemented for general public. We can expect to hear more about it in the upcoming months.


    What do you think about this new Electric Policy? Do you like the idea of exemption of Road Tax on Electric Cars? Let us know in the comments below. We will be back soon with more news and content. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check our website for cools deals on Cars’ Insurance and Finance services.

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  • New Insurance Policy : Supreme Court Order

        "Unless you're immortal, you need an insurance."


    While purchasing either a 4-wheeler or a 2-wheeler vehicle, it was necessary to procure third-party insurance for a period of 1 year.


        However, the Supreme Court of India has made it necessary to procure third-party insurances for a longer duration at the time of a purchase.


        From September 1st, 2018, every buyer of a 4-wheeler vehicle would have to procure third-party insurance for a period of 3 years. Likewise, third-party insurance with the purchase of a 2-wheeler would also be extended to 5 years.


        The Supreme Court of India has taken this step after observing a report which shows that nearly 1 lakh people die due to road accidents every year, which is indeed a matter of grave concern.


        Hence, these new long-term third-party insurances cover at the time of purchase would ensure that the victims of a road accidents do not suffer due to the fault of the owner in not renewing his/her policy every year.


        But what about insurance on used cars? What’s the best place to get insurance on Used Cars?


        Success Key Financial is one of the top insurance services provider in Delhi NCR. It has some of the best insurance deals on used cars. You should check it HERE.


        For more information, you can also call on 011 - 4903 - 2519 or +91 9871 877 690


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