Benefits of Car Finance


    Nowadays, a four wheeler vehicle, most likely a car, has become one of the most important assets for a family. It is a convenient of travel for the whole family. However, the continuous rise in cost of production of vehicles has resulted in higher prices for consumers. This makes it difficult to purchase a car of our choice for most of us. That’s not the case if you finance your car purchase.


    Car finance refers to car loan which allows you to purchase your dream car on monthly installments. You just have to pay a one-time part payment as down payment and rest of the amount in monthly installments as per your convenience.


    To explain this better, here are 5 major benefits of car finance:


1). Tenure’ Flexibility:

    If you finance your car, you have the freedom to choose the tenure period. Banks offer car loans for upto 7 years of time period which gives you flexibility to choose tenure as per your convenience.


2). Used-Car Loans:

    Times have changed. Now, most of the banks give you finance even on used-cars. If you want to learn driving or if it’s your first purchase, a used-car is the most sensible option.


3). Low Interest Rates:

    One of the most exciting benefits of car finance is that you can actually negotiate interest rate if you have a good credit score overall.


4).Payment Mode’ Flexibility:

    With car finance, there is no one fixed payment method to stick to. You can pay monthly installments with a paper cheque, cash or even use the auto-debit feature of your bank account to make yourself consent-free for the payments.


5). No Collateral:

    To avail the car finance and get your dream car, you don’t really have to put any collateral. Your purchased car, itself, will act as a security with the bank and in case of non-payments, bank can seize and sell your car to clear your debt.


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