Trial of Electric Vehicles on Roads Next Month : Suzuki Motor Corp

     It is no secret that India is covered with a layer of air pollution, especially in its metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. This is one of the major causes of health related diseases and illness these days.


    To counter this and to lead a healthy environment, many leading car manufacturers has already planned to launch electric vehicles worldwide. However, there is a company that wants to kick-start this electric vehicle revolution sooner.


    We are talking about the famous Japanese auto-manufacturer Suzuki Motor Corporation.


    On September 7th, 2018, Suzuki Motor Corp. said that is has planned to start road-testing its electric vehicles in India by next month as a precursor to launch electric vehicles in India by 2020.


    “I am pleased to announce today that we will start road-testing of our electric vehicles’ prototypes in India from next month, in order to develop safe and easy-to-use electric vehicles  for Indian customers,” Osama Suzuki said at the Global Mobility Summit “Move”.


 Suzuki toyota collaboration   He also mentioned that the company has decided to launch EV revolution in India by 2020 in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation.


    It is obvious that this plan is rather not possible without sufficient charging stations or infrastructure development.


    “In this regard, we look forward for support of the government in terms of policy formulation and leadership,” he added.


    According to a recent report, it is estimated that around 30% of population will be using electric vehicles by 2030. It means that 70% of population will still be using non-electric vehicles.


    “In order to answer the need of better life-style and meet expectations of Indian people or customers, as well as resolving environmental challenges at the same time, I think it would be essential to promote not only electric vehicles but also hybrid and CNG vehicles too,” he noted.


    Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid ModelThis is a huge and essential step in making the country pollution free.


     However, any car manufacturer won’t be successful alone. They need our support in this revolution. We should come together and boycott petrol or diesel vehicles and replace them with an electric or hybrid vehicle by 2020 for a healthier and better life-style.



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