Why do you need car insurance?

    Car insurance is needed by the law to ensure the safety of public. If an accident happens, the auto liability coverage included in the car insurance helps you to pay for the property damage and medical bills. It also protects you against any legal fees if taken to the court due to accident.


    To better explain you its importance, here are 4 major reasons why you need car insurance:


1). To complies with Law:

    This is one of the most important reasons to have your vehicle insured. As it is mandatory by law, so driving without insurance is considered as an illegal activity and you would be fined for it.


2). To protect your finances:

    As explained earlier, car insurance protects you against any costs incurred in case of an accident. These may include legal charges, injured person’s medical expenses or any other costs involved in the event.


3). To protect your Vehicle:

    This one is no secret at all. Car insurance helps your vehicle to be protected against both collision coverage as well as comprehensive charges. All the repairs or replacement is covered if the vehicle gets stolen or damaged in case of an accident.


4). To protect Yourself:

    Some people won’t believe this, however a car insurance also acts as a life insurance and helps you to be protected against any injury due to an accident.


It’s obvious by now that car insurance is a must if you own a vehicle.


What’s the best place to get Car Insurance?

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